Multitasking is a Myth? The ONE Thing Book Review

The ONE Thing Book Review

One of my favorite books that I’ve read within the past 3 months is The One Thing by Gary Keller. In fact, I like it so much that I read this book 3 times. I also own 3 versions of the book: digital, hard copy, and audio book. If you haven’t read it yet, I’d highly recommend it.

The ONE Thing Book Review

The ONE Thing Book Review

This book is written by Gary Keller. He’s the owner of Kelly William Realty International, the largest real estate company in the world by agent count. He shared his own story on how a normal college student became the owner of a successful real estate company. Unlike most of money maker gurus, Gary is smart but humble. By reading his style of writing, I can tell that he spends a lot of his time focusing on being grateful and spiritual. He’s not a narcissistic person and doesn’t show off his expensive things. He’s genuinely trying to help.

What is the ONE Thing?

The book is written around this main question: “What is the ONE THING that I can do such that by doing it everything else will be easier or even unnecessary?

Have you ever asked yourself this question? If you haven’t, I invite you to take a minute and think about it.

Gary believes that multitasking is a myth. This belief regretfully upsets numerous people. In fact, some are proud to claim that they’re able to do many things at once. However, are they really good at anything?

The reality is, we can only be good at one thing at a time. I’m not talking about an O.K., “so so” good, I’m talking about extremely good, better than most people. Think about all the successful people around us, aren’t they all well-known for their ONE Thing? Michael Jordan is known for his basketball skills. David Beckham is one of the top soccer players because of his beautiful long pass. Michael Jackson is famous for his voice and his dance move. Quentin Tarantino is known as a playful movie director. Leonardo DiCaprio is an amazing actor, etc.

They can do numerous other things, but they are still most well-known for their ONE Thing. Without their ONE Thing, it would be WAY harder for them to be successful at something else.

The Domino Effect

In his book, Gary shares his story on how he became the owner of Keller William Realty International. He started off as a college student studying about real estate. He then applied to be a real estate agent. After his success at sales, he moved to management. Nevertheless, he learned that his realtor company didn’t put their main focus on helping other agents. So he quit his job and started building his own business. Step by step, he became the owner of the largest real estate company in the world.

He always FOCUSED on ONE Thing at a time. Gary wasn’t worried about being the owner of the largest real estate company when he was a salesman. However, he worked hard and he became the best agent in his company. Success leads clues. After achieving his first success, everything else flows easily for him.

The domino effect happens so fast that Gary became the owner of a billion dollar company. Interestingly, he still claims that he’s only good at ONE Thing, Real Estate.


Nowadays there are lots of distractions around us. When there’s a notification on Facebook, we can easily lose our attention. We tend to go with the flow and react to so many things at once but we forget about our ONE Thing.

I find many young people coming to me and expressing their stress: They either don’t know what to do; or they are worried about not getting a lot of things accomplished. This stress is serious. If that’s you, I’d like to give you some advice:

You don’t know what to do:

Your ONE Thing right now is to find out that what is it you’d like to do.

If you haven’t found what is it that you like to do yet, there is a high chance that you don’t have enough experience. You should make it your mission to find your passion. Sitting around won’t help. Pick “something” that resonates with you the most and go after it. Even if you find out that “something” is not your “one thing”, you will gain a lot of experience from it. Most importantly, you’ll learn about yourself and are one step closer to your “one thing.”

You are worried about not getting many things done: 

If you’re worried about not getting many things done, you probably haven’t found your ONE Thing yet. Like Gary said in his book, multitasking is a myth. So forget about many things, you need to ask yourself: “What is the ONE THING that I can do such that by doing it everything else will be easier or even unnecessary?

What is it that you can do RIGHT NOW? Focus on it. Work hard on it. There’s only one thing that matters and it’s right in front of you. Focus on the present. Anything else is a distraction.

Get the Book…

Average people do average things. When people do multiple things at the same time, the result of their work will be AVERAGE. When we focus on one thing and one thing only, the result will be AMAZING. Most importantly, when you solve the hardest puzzle first, everything else will flow easily and naturally. It is the “domino effect.”The ONE Thing Book Review

So I have a question for you, “What is the ONE THING that you can do TODAY such that by doing it everything else will be easier or even unnecessary?

For some reasons, if you haven’t found the answer for this question, I suggest you check out this book at It’s a MUST-READ.



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6 Comments on “Multitasking is a Myth? The ONE Thing Book Review”

  1. Great book review, I’m definitely going to read this! I’m glad you touched on distraction, that’s the thing that’s getting to me at the moment. I know what I need to do, but all these distractions make me procrastinate and not get that thing done. So, to answer your question…my one thing today is going to be to turn off all notifications and focus on what needs to be done. Thanks for such a motivating post!

    1. Hi Shirley,

      Thanks for sharing. Turning off all notification is a great thing to do. Let me know how it works for you!

  2. I have heard a lot of good things about this book from my stock trading mentor.

    I can see why he recommends it. With his line of work and any business in general, you need to have focus and discipline.

    I am not sure if you are doing affiliate marketing, but I was wondering what should I prioritize as far as my business is concerned?

    That statement seems to be hitting home, Do one thing that makes the others easier or unnecessary


    1. Hi Jessie,

      It depends on where you’re at affiliate marketing. What’s your goal? Once you write down your goal, you can list all the steps you need to take in order to achieve the goal. Take small steps first and one step at a time. Hope it helps!

  3. Hi Kien,

    Thanks for sharing the book review here. The information you provided and the way you explained it really captured my attention. This must be a very good book.

    Btw, you sounded really down to earth and optimistic. Does this book helped you to become?

    All the best,

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