How to Index Blog Posts Fast in Search Engines

How to Index Blog Posts Fast in Search Engines

If you’re wondering How to Index Blog Posts Fast on Google and Bing, then you’re in the right place.

How to Index Blog Posts Fast in Search Engines
You may have already spent a lot of your time…

  • Finding a keyword and topic for your post
  • Finding Images or even a Youtube video to add to your post
  • Optimizing your post for SEO

However, you are still wondering..

“Why doesn’t my posts appear on google?”

“Why doesn’t my post get indexed on Bing?”

“How do I get Search Engines to index my blog posts more quickly?”


I’d like to say this. If you want to know how long it will take your posts to rank on the 1st page on Google and Bing, I can’t give you the exact answer. However, I can show you a proven way that helps your articles get indexed and ranked fast in Search Engines. You should check this list before you post anything on your blog. I recommend bookmarking this page after reading.

Good Content

First of all, having good content is always the most important key to get indexed. Quality content can attract readers. Search Engines always look for traffic coming in and out your site.

Here are few tips for quality content:

  • Do proper research and find great keywords
  • Write your own content. Don’t copy posts from somewhere else.
  • Have 500+ words in your post
  • Write new blog posts regularly. Trust me, it helps. Especially in a new blog.
  • Adding images and Youtube videos

Extra tips for SEO

  • Have your keywords in the title
  • Make sure your keywords are in the first paragraph
  • Have keywords in meta description

Improve your links

  • Internal links: Have links connecting to different blog posts on your sitehow to index blog posts with links
  • External links: Have links connecting to other authority sites. The most common one I use is Wikipedia.
  • Backlinks: You can do this by featuring guest posting, blog commenting and using forum.

Google Console/ Bing Webmaster

  • Set up your Google Console and Bing Webmaster account
  • Fetch as Google‘ new posts and pages in Google Console to get indexed quicker
  • Submit your sitemap

Last thing

  • Submitting your blog posts on social media: Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.
  • Get comments. Lots of people underestimate the power of comments. It shows Google/Bing that your posts are still being updated daily. You can start commenting on some blogs in your niche and ask them to leave you a comment to return the favor. Make sure you read their entire posts and give them genuine comments, instead of just leaving “great post” or “thanks for sharing” on their site. You can also check out this community for help on getting more comments on your site.

That’s all. This is my checklist for every post that I write. I recommend to bookmark this page. There maybe more ways to get your post indexed and ranked. You can learn more about this subject here. However, make sure that you don’t use any black hat SEO on your site, as your site can get punished in the future.

Leave me a comment below. Let me know if you’d like to add some new tips to this list.


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8 Comments on “How to Index Blog Posts Fast in Search Engines”

  1. I really appreciate your post checklist. This is extremely helpful. Some of the information solidified what I already knew and some made me start thinking about what I can do much better. I have a couple of questions. What is Google Console and can I put external links to products I’m reviewing even though I’m not an affiliate? Thanks again. I will definitely bookmark this page.

  2. Hi,
    I must say I found this post very useful and informative. Very clear explanation about SEO. I have been “fighting” for better ranking in Google and Bing for months. Some of my blog posts are ranking quite good (2nd or 3rd page); most of them, unfortunately, can not find within first 100 positions in Google.
    I am aware that I need more knowledge about this issue. Could you recommend me any program, training or course about SEO.
    Thank you in advance.

    1. Hi Igorze,
      If your posts are ranked in 2nd or 3rd page in Google, that’s pretty good. I think what are you saying is you try to be in within first 10 positions in Google?
      There’re numerous program you can try. I’d recommend Wealthy Affiliate Program. I learned many SEO tips from there. You can learn it here:
      There are also great programs I will be sharing here in Internet Marketing Beasts. Make sure to check back with us soon 🙂

  3. This is very good advice and if you do this consistently, then you are laying a good foundation for your website to succeed.

    I like what you have said about comments as I think that is important because it shows that you are engaging with people and Google likes it.

    I find that the Site Comments module in WA is one of the best and fairest ways to give and receive comments. I think that’s because you have to give more than one line answers as they have to be thoughtful and genuine.

    I think it is a win win situation for website owners who give and receive comments.

    1. I agree with you Adrian. I also love the Site Comments module in WA. It is a win win situation. You’ll receive so many high quality comments. At the same time, it forces you to give a thoughtful and helpful comments on the site. Thanks for sharing your thought!

  4. Hi Kien,
    You have a very comprehensive list here for how to get blog posts indexed faster in the search engines. Anyone who follows this checklist faithfully is bound to experience success with their site. I immediately use Fetch as Google with each new post I publish and I find that my articles appear in search within minutes using this approach. Great advice!

    1. Yea ‘fetch as google’ definitely would help, especially new site. Thanks for sharing Linda!

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