How to Build a Brand Online – That Everyone Falls in Love With

How to Build a Brand Online

One of the most common fears of an online business owner is the tough competition. The wide use of the internet allows everyone to easily find a similar product/service and compete with each other. What makes you different from everyone else? Is it you? Your product? Your business model? There’re lots of answers to these. Personally, I believe creating a great brand is the key. In this post, we’ll discuss how to build a brand online, but not just any brand, only ones that people are falling in love with.

How to Build a Brand Online

Why is a brand important?

A brand is not just a name, but what you/your company stands for. The brand name is not so important. The meaning behind the name is crucial. And that’s what make people fall in love.

Before Nike existed, no one knew or cared about Nike. Nowadays, everyone recognizes the Nike brand. Why? Because people are in love with what Nike stands for: “just do it.”

How to Build a Brand Online with Nike

We can compare Apple with HP computers. Technology wise, they are very competitive. Nevertheless, Apple sales outperformed all their competitors in 2016. According to Fortune, if you’re getting a laptop, most likely you’re going to get a Mac. Apple dominated not only in the computer industry, but also tablets, smartphones, and music. People choose Apple over all their competitors because they fall in love with what Apple stands for, “always challenge the status quo, think boldly and differently.”

Last U.S. presidential election is also a great case study for this. Many people are not sure about Hillary’s messages, but everyone knows what Donald Trump stands for, “make America great again.”

Competition is always tough. But if you have a great brand message, you’re always ahead of your competitors. Why? Because your customers will fall in love with your brand.

How to build a Brand Online that Everyone Falls in Love with?

You’ve got to start with “why.” Simon Sinek explains his point clearly in his TED talk: Start with Why, which reached over 3 million views on Youtube.

How to Build a Brand Online with Apple

Simon explained his point. if Apple said: “We make great computers. They’re user friendly, beautifully designed, and easy to use. Want to buy one?,” they probably wouldn’t have as many customers as they do now. Instead, this is how Apple delivers their message: “With everything we do, we aim to challenge the status quo. We aim to think differently. Our products are user friendly, beautifully designed, and easy to use. We just happen to make great computers. Want to buy one?”

Let’s say you’re selling spatulas for moms. You can always say: “we make great spatulas. Our spatulas are high quality, durable and easy to use. Wanna buy one?” Or you can say: “We believe a great meal can improve family bonding. That’s why at our company, we’d like to create the best spatulas. Our spatulas are high quality, durable and easy to use. Wanna buy one?”

If you want to create a strong brand, it is important to figure out your “why.” What is your company’s belief? If your belief can resonate with your customers deeply, they will definitely buy products from you over all of your competitors.

Do you agree or disagree? Leave me a comment and let me know what you think.

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10 Comments on “How to Build a Brand Online – That Everyone Falls in Love With”

  1. Hey man,

    This is indeed a very informative content. Of course you are on point and I agree with you that creating a brand name and making others like the brand you have created requires a lot of work.

    And like you mentioned, this includes making people understand why your brand is the best choice they should consider. Since there are a lot of competition in the market, you would have to make people believe you really have the best brand and can trust in you.

    I really like the examples you gave by quoting Simon Sinek and even that of the Spatulas. Indeed anyone who reads this article will benefits on how to create a brand ONLINE to capture the attention of people searching for good brands.

    1. Hey Stephen,

      Thanks for your comment. I’m glad this can really help. Let me know how’s your online business going.

  2. Yup, you are right, a great brand is important for any business that wants to grow.

    You think of Apple and you think about innovation and elegant design; you think of Microsoft, you think about reliability and easy to access. Look at Google, I always wondered how they managed to dominate the search engine industry. Then I realized, their interface is so simple, nothing distracts from your search. They have other services, but their main service is still web search and they make it simple and fast. When you become synonymous with a quality, you become a Brand.

  3. I love the section about your “why.”

    I’m starting a website that shows people how to get sign up bonus points from credit cards, so they can go on their dream vacations sooner than they thought possible. Reading your page inspired me to go back to my website and add a little more passion behind my why. People should be able to travel because it creates happy memories they can share for the rest of their lives. Travel connects people of different cultures and helps us understand the world better.

    What’s your why for helping people build their online brands?

    1. Hi Dustin,

      Love your why. That’s awesome.

      I believe everyone has their own “why,” I think it’s so powerful when you connect your “why” to your business. I believe business owners make the world a better place. Building a successful brand is not only helping the owners, but also helping their customers solve their problems.

  4. I 100% agree brand is key to your overall business. It sets a business apart from others and is key in a successful business. Nike spend millions of dollars on their branding which is why they are arguably the no 1 sports brand.

    I really liked reading your post and it was really well written and easy to read. Well done!

  5. I completely agree with the need to build a brand. A brand builds trust and trust builds repeatable business for the long term. These days research shows that more and more people are becoming less loyal and more driven by price alone when it comes to a commodity product, so developing a great brand that always follows through on their guarantees is imperative.

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